Bowtruss Coffee Roasters - Beneficio Santa Rosa

Coffee Origin: Honduras; Copan & Ocotepeque

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pacas, Typica

Coffee Elevation:
1,475 - 1,800 M

Coffee Farm:
Beneficio Santa Rosa

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Bowtruss Coffee Roasters - 8/11/2014

Coffee Processing:

The beans have the fragrance of cane sugar, died apricot, red tea, red grapefruit, olive, clay, red apple, sage, leather, toasted cashew, turmeric, mustard 

The grounds have the fragrance of black cherry, hickory, long pepper, pink salt, thyme, kumquat, smoked paprika, yellow mustard seed, slight hint of vanilla

The aroma of this coffee is of tobacco, yeast, malt, tart red apple, molasses, burnt sugar, and adobo

This is a weak body coffee that is watery, tea like and has no depth, or complexity

This is a weak acidity coffee that is juicy, quick, soft, and has no structure

The flavors of this coffee are of olive, damp wood, dry apple, cane sugar fiber, carbon, oak, asparagus water, green tea, clay, leather, and cashew