Grounds For Change - Mexico Chiapas

Coffee Origin: Mexico,Chiapas

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Grounds For Change - 1/22/2014

Coffee Processing:

The beans have the fragrance of molasses, carbon, toasted almond, a delicate smell of orange blossom, and bakers chocolate, and cardboard

The grounds have the fragrance of Eureka lemon, chamomile, magnolia, bakers chocolate, meat like of smoked pork, butter, pickled ginger and coriander

The aroma of this coffee is of carbon, molasses, corn husk, orange peel, oregano, and burnt sugar

This is a medium body coffee that is slick, chewy, lacks character, and roundness

This is a high acidity coffee that is dry, lingering juicy, and unbalanced

The flavors of this coffee are of pomelo, muted clove, carbon, coriander, soil, black tea, bakers chocolate, burnt sugar, toasted almond and ash