Augie's Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Danch Meng

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Mixed Heirloom

Coffee Elevation
1700-2000 Meters

Coffee Farm

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augies - 6/25/2014

Coffee Processing:



The Beans have the fragrance of plum, blackberry, strawberry, coffee blossom, cane sugar, white pineapple, milk chocolate, pink lemon, blood orange, eucalyptus, bottle brush, thyme, and slight hints of milo wood and asian pear

The grounds have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, plum, butternut squash, rose, pineapple, anjou pear, blood orange, dragon fruit, cherimoya, and vanilla

The aroma of this coffee is of plum, Nai’o wood, toasted hazelnut, bosc pear, black current, blackberry, goji, cocoa nibs, yuca flower, and blood orange

This is a full body coffee that is velvety, juicy, lightly syrupy with a elegant mouth fell.

This is a high acidity that is bright, structured, juicy, complex and clean with a slightly dry ending


The flavors of this coffee are of yellow pineapple, Meyer lemon peel, black cardamom, plum, Nai’o, dark chocolate, goji, black current, hops, blood orange, cascara tea like, tart mango, and tamarind.

Back note of green tea, saffron, and vanilla