Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. - Nicaraguan

Coffee Origin: Nicaragua

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Hybrid Diamond

Coffee Elevation:

Coffee Farm:

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co.

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of current, endive, lemon grass, yucca root, milk chocolate, cane sugar, berry notes like of strawberry, and mulberry, coca powder and vanilla with coffee blossom and cedar undertones 

The grounds have the fragrance of black current, white grapefruit, cedar, baking soda, macadamia nut, coconut husk, roasted corn, pistachio, basil, carrot

The aroma of this coffee is of toast, yeast, butter, almond, lime peel, saffron, thyme, tomato, english pea

This is a medium — low body coffee that is smooth, juicy and but tea like and watery lacking depth

This is a medium acidity coffee that is dirty, slick, juicy, quick, and delicate


The flavors of this coffee are of green tea, artichoke, woods ear mushroom, prune, arugula, noni, daikon, chayote, coca powder, red apple, black grape, gooseberry, and cane sugar