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Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co. - Kenya AA

Coffee Origin: Kenya 

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Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co.

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The beans have the fragrance of cilantro, mesquite, long pepper, fennel, tobacco, cinnamon, coriander, meat like of lamb, bakers chocolate, chamomile, rose hips, and Demerara sugar

The grounds have the fragrance of meat like cooked beaf, Meyer lemon, green papaya, coriander, oregano, chamomile, white pepper, slight hint of berry, soil, leather, and malt

The aroma of this coffee is of chicory, endive, parsley, grass, soil, black pepper, oolong tea, meat notes, tomato, and squash

This is a medium body coffee that is lacking roundness and full texture. The body is more watery and tea like then anything

This is a high acidity coffee with a tart dirty sharp hit at first sip


The flavors of this coffee is of kumquat, key lime, artichoke, oolong tea, chamomile, thyme, sage, green papaya, molasses, chicory, dark chocolate, raisin, tofu, green olive, pink salt and hops