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Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co. - Costa Rica (LR)

Coffee Origin : Costa Rica

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Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co.

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The beans have the fragrance of nutmeg, holy, chestnut, mint, strawberry, malt, yeast, almond, milk chocolate, coffee blossom

The grounds have the fragrance of lemon, jasmine, honey comb, slight hint of lavender, yucca, green grape, white rice, basil flower, and curry

The aroma of this coffee is of rose hips, chicory, clay, chive, brown rice, mushroom, cauliflower and green bean

This is a light body coffee that is very watery in consistency and tea like in texture

This is a weak acidity coffee and is unbalanced, dull and faint

The flavors of this coffee are of green tea, chamomile, mint, carbon, chard meat, tart lemon, and ash