Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co. - Guatemala Antigua

Coffee Origin: Guatemala, Antigua 

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Big Bear Gourmet Coffee Co.

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The beans have the fragrance of caramel, coca powder, all spice, honey suckle, hazelnut, kiwi and wheat

The grounds have the fragrance of blood orange, hibiscus, rosemary, soil, basil, butter, and ginger

The aroma of this coffee is of chicory, carbon, almond, mushroom, soil, bell pepper, paprika, hickory, and cumin

This is a medium body coffee that is juicy and hast a sticky coating

This is a medium acidity coffee that is tart, sharp, juicy with a lingering dryness


The flavors of this coffee are of pomelo, curry, rose hip, tart mango, pistachio, red current, under ripe cranberry, corn, rye, yeast, cedar, sage, and ginger  

Back note of asparagus, allspice and red tea