Ceremony Coffee Roasters - Brazil Cerrado Gold

Coffee Origin: Brazil, Carmo de Minas

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Yellow Bourbon

Coffee Elevation:
1,300 M

Coffee Farm:
Brazil Cerrado Gold

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Coffee Processing:

Semi - Washed

The beans have the fragrance of yellow peach, mango, chamomile, hibiscus, raspberry, cane sugar, milk chocolate, orange blossom

The grounds have the fragrance of yellow pacha, cream, brown sugar, navel orange, cocoa butter, banana, and honeysuckle

The aroma of this coffee is of black cherry, dark chocolate, meat like of lamb, cashew, year, and corn

This is a medium smooth body with a juicy tea like fell

This is a high acidity that is quick and dry.

The flavors of this coffee are of cranberry, dates, sundried tomato, cilantro, pinto beans, cumin, cream, pin nuts, white cheddar cheese, oak, nori, and slight hint of mint

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