Coava - Honduras Las Capucaas

Coffee Origin: Honduras; San Pedro, Copan

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Catimor, Pacas

Coffee Elevation:
1,400 - 1,600 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL)

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Coava - 11/24/2014

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of nougat, hazelnut, hay, dried red current, coca powder, damp wood, black cardamom, cinnamon, grilled orange, chervil, coconut husk, molasses, black sesame seed

The grounds have the fragrance of tomato, celery seed, bergamot, red current, green papaya, black cardamom, burnt sugar, bakers chocolate, cinnamon, blood orange, yucca flower

The aroma of this coffee is of bakers chocolate, damp soil, smoke, black cardamom, maple syrup, grilled lemon, brown rice, black current, bergamot

This is a medium body coffee that is well rounded with a rich syrupy mouthful that tapers off to a silly tea like fill

This is a medium high acidity that is juicy with a lingering dry brightness like from chocolate ganache


The flavors of this coffee are of brown sugar, nougat, bergamot, black cardamom, blood orange, red current, milk chocolate, tamarind, tobacco

back notes of asparagus and green tea