Coffee Reviews

ONYX Coffee Lab - Ethiopia Deri Kochoha

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia, Deri Kochoha

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Ethiopian Heirloom

Coffee Elevation:
1,800 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers: 
Various Small Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Onix Coffee Lab - 10/13/2014

Coffee Processing:



The beans have the fragrance of coffee blossom,carrot, celery, lime peel, couscous, thyme, green papaya, tarragon, green grape, grenadine, pulasan, tasted pine, dried chili pepper like of habanero

The grounds have the fragrance of bittersweet chocolate, black grape, yucca flower, clove, creme de menthe, orange peel, papaya, suffer, brown sugar, long pepper

The aroma of this coffee is of broccoli, malt, magnolia, green papaya, oak, molasses, tamarind, chicory, bakers chocolate, tarragon, red grapefruit, and candied ginger

This is a medium body coffee that is sooth with an elegant velvety fell like of milk chocolate

This is a medium acidity coffee that has a muted astringent and faint lingering balance


The flavors of this coffee are of red tea, nori, squash blossom, malt, milk chocolate, creme de menthe, sapodilla, dried lemon, rambutan, tobacco, goose berry, lard, white asparagus, bergamot and faint hints of clove and all spice