Coffee Reviews

Panther Coffee - El Salvador

origin: El Salvador; Apaneca, Ahuachapan
varietal: Red Caturra
elevation: 1300 - 1750 meters

process:  Washed

This is a high acidity coffee with delicate flavors being lost. This is also a medium body coffee with complex flavors.


The aroma of the beans are of sweet summer fruit, toffee, hibiscus, chocolate, and pepper or juniper berry.

The grounds have a very complex aroma with caramel, all spice, peach or apricot, and saffron.

At the crack this coffees aroma is of clove like, molasses, plum, tomato, and candied walnuts.  


The flavors of the coffee are of plum, citrus or mango, grape, cream, honey, orange blossom, with earthy notes like lemon grass or sweet peppers on the back notes. 


As it cools the acidic notes come through of lemon, baking powder and garlic. 


one of may Mistobox selections

one of may Mistobox selections