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Lone Pine Coffee Roasters - Yirgacheff

origin: Ethiopia , Yirgacheff
varietal: Heirloom
elevation: 1900 - 2200 meters

process:  Washed


This is medium acidity, complex, and full body coffee. 


The beans have the aroma of mango, papaya, star fruit, chocolate, sweet citrus. The aroma is much like Captain Crunch cereal. 

The grounds have the aroma of coriander, citrus, rosemary, dragon fruit, yeast, and passion fruit. 

The flavors of this coffee where of peach, rainier cherries, bell pepper, chocolate, citrus like pomelo, bay leaf, oregano, chamomile, some nutty notes like almond or hazelnut. Back notes are of rose and hibiscus.

one of Junes Mistoboxs selection

one of Junes Mistoboxs selection