Cartel Coffee Lab - San Antonio

origin: Colombia , San Antonio
varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
elevation: 1700 - 1950 meters
Sana Ines

process:  Fully Washed


This is a medium acidity  full body coffee with strong flavors through out.  

The grounds have the aroma of Mexican papaya, chocolate, and a strong note of smoked paprika with slight notes of roses, honey, and maybe apple or hachiya persimmon.

The aroma at the crack is of bitter citrus like calamondin, pine, white rice, chocolate and Carmel. 

The flavors of this coffee are all over the spectrum with notes of harts of palm, fruit notes like longon, mango, apricot, citrus like tangerine or navel orange, candied pecans, cloves or all spice with back notes of garlic, thyme, and maybe a very slight almost non apparent note of lotus. 

One of the coffees in the may Misto Box

One of the coffees in the may Misto Box