Coava Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

origin: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe  
varietal: Heirloom
elevation: 1850 - 2000 Meters
farm: Kochere

process:  Fully Washed


This is a soft mild body coffee with delicate tones the cover your pallet.

The aroma from the beans had notes of lemon and chocolate.  

The grounds brought the lemon aroma out more but also brought out notes of roses and broccoli. 

The aroma at the crack had notes of tobacco, light chocolate, and basil. 

The flavors of this coffee where of red wine like a merlot, dark chocolate, earth tones like mushrooms or grass and a some what over powering note of lemon.



One of the coffees in the may misto box

One of the coffees in the may misto box