Coffee Reviews

Klatch Coffee Sumatra Volkopi

origin: Lington , Sumatra
varietal: Ateng, Djember, Tim Tim
elevation: 1500 - 1800 Meters
farm: Volkopi

process:  wet hulled


This Peaberry has a high acidity and medium body that is crisp.  

The aroma of this roast was of malt, chocolate, molasses blackberry and earth and back notes of hickory and bar - b - que sauce.

The unique aroma did not meet with the flavor notes of this coffee. Flavors of white grapefruit, butter and molasses with slight notes of coriander. As this coffee cooled the grapefruit was more pronounced with back notes of dark chocolate lingering.

I have like most every coffee I have had from Klatch but this one was lacking in depth and body of other Peaberrys.