Klatch Coffee Roasters - El Salvador Orange Bourbon

origin: Santa Ana , El Salvador
farm: Jose Antonio Salaverria
elevation: 1300 - 1500 Meters
cultivars:  Orange Bourbon
process:  washed

This coffee has the aroma of sweet citrus and cocoa. It is a medium body coffee with nice flavors through out your mouth along with lite acidity culminating in bright citrus notes and a clean finish.

The flavors delivered of this complex cup are of citrus like of tangerine, honey or brown sugar. The back notes where that of vanilla and milk chocolate. As it cooled the flavor of citrus is more pronounced but not over powering like that of sweet grapefruit or orange acidity and raisins. There are slight notes of Asian pear, walnuts and caramel. 

This is a great coffee and way to get into Orange Bourbon.