Coffee Reviews

Augie's - Sulawesi Toarco Toraja

origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia                                                                                                  

Farm: Toarco Jaya
Elevation: 1450 - 1600 meters above sea level
cultivars:  S. Lini   

process: washed


The aroma of the beans where of fresh squash blossom and pumpkin with slight notes of coriander or thyme.  

This is a medium to full body coffee with good acidity hot but trails off as it cools.

The flavors of this are consistent with citrus like red grapefruit, bittersweet coca, and has strong notes of asparagus as it cools with back notes of caramel. As it cools it has back notes of Carmel.

This coffee was slightly sharp or sower.


This coffee would be paired well with wild mushroom risotto or butternut squash ravioli.