Coffee Reviews

Klatch Coffee - Ethiopian, Sidamo

origin: Ethiopia: Sidamo, Dilla

Farm: Shilcho, Babe, Shebe

Elevation: 1700 meters  

process: Natural

This coffee has a high acidity and is full body all the way through the cup.

The aroma of this coffee has Grape, Blueberry, and floral notes from the grounds and the brew was of sweet Lemon, along with the flora notes more prevalent. 

The flavor of this coffee is of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Juniper Berries with Orange Peal through out. There is a back note of thyme but as it cools the juniper berries where more prominent with lite notes of Malt.

This coffee is a great way to start into Ethiopians and for people who love coffee with nice berry flavors that are not overpowering.