Coffee Reviews

RedBud Roasters - Colombia

origin: Colombia
farm: unk
elevation: unk
cultivars:  unk

process:  unk

The coffee is from RedBud Roasters in Texas and was roosted 4/18/2013 and I cupped it on 4/21/2013

The beans have the aroma of notes of Tobacco, Cedar, All Spice, Toast, Burnt Wood much like at a Barbeque and Earthy tones along with vey slight berry notes like of Mulberry. 

This is a heavy body coffee but tastes like a two notes of flavor. This has a mild acidity, Bright with high notes trailing off quickly.

The flavors of this coffee at first taste and through out the cup are of prevalent of smoke with slight citrus like of lime maybe citron, Garlic notes in the middle with hickory and Lard. The end of the cup has notes of Carmel and very slight back notes of apple.

This is a light medium roast but was more like a medium dark roast. This coffee is Fair Trade, Organic, and Shade Grown but for what it is, its not worth it.