Augie's - Kenya Kaimbu AA

origin: Kaimbu County, Kenya
farm: Komothai Farmers Cooperative Society
elevation: 1653 meters above sea level
cultivars:  SL 28, SL 24, Ruiri 11
process:  fully washed, sun dried


The aroma of the beans has notes of Citrus notes and Floral.

The aroma of the brew is sweet and rounded. Its has floral notes that are like rose hips and blossoms of plums or cherries.

The First quaff is just like the aroma but the blossoms are more of cherries or Black Current, and Plum along with citrus notes of Pomelo or white grapefruit, there is a back note of earthy tones and faint cinnamon.  

Letting it cool for some time brought out more of the cherries and plum notes and Chocolate, Charcoal with Thyme on the back note.  Continuing to let it cool your plate gets acidic notes like of  a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Notes of nuts are in the finish.

The final word

Augie's Kenya Kaimbu AA is well rounded all the way through. Its a coffee that doesn’t overpower you, This coffee starts slow on you, then shows its true flavors across your palate. It’s a very good cup of coffee, and drinkable all day.

I gave this coffee a 78