Stell Coffee & Tea Co. - Haitian ( Cupped & Poor over)

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Stell Coffee & Tea Co.

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So this coffee will have two reviews, the first when I cupped it and the other a poor over at the store



The beans have the fragrance of chocolate, malt, cane sugar, cream, all spice, mint, lavender, cherry blossom, berry, thyme, tobacco.

The grounds have the fragrance of citrus like of orange, hops, coriander, grapes, honey suckle, jasmine, cinnamon, hibiscus, yeast, cane sugar, bakers chocolate,and saffron

The aroma of this coffee is of tamarind, bitters, oak, bourbon, dark chocolate, vanilla, artichoke, earth, bell pepper

This is a full body with complex mother and sweet underlying hints

This is a high coffee with the citrus notes bing forward.


The flavors of this coffee are of pomelo, eucalyptus, malt, red table grape, persimmon, cane sugar, cream, bay leaf, cinnamon, walnuts, vanilla, oregano, thyme, bell pepper, dried apricot, tobacco slight hints of saffron, black berry, and mint 


Back notes of the tobacco, paprika very strong, long pepper,artichoke, asparagus and salt come out as it cools.


Poor Over


The aroma of this coffee is of earth, tobacco, asparagus, bell pepper, hickory, artichoke.

This is a full body coffee with smith and rich undertones

This is medium acidity coffee with complex undertones through out


The flavors of this coffee is of dark chocolate, cane sugar, white grapefruit or pomelo, hops, eucalyptus, tomato, cream, bay leaf, cumin, cinnamon, pine nuts, vanilla, hibiscus, oregano, thyme, slight hints of saffron, and mint 

Back note of artichoke, and tobacco