Idyllwild Coffee Roasters - Papua New Guinea

Coffee Origin:
Papua New Guinea

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Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Idyllwild Coffee Roasters

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The beans have the fragrance of musk, tobacco, turmeric, ashy, sower citrus, earth

The grounds have the fragrance of lemon, coriander, all spice, thyme, chicory, cedar, yeast, hops, tomato, and coca nibs

The atoms of this coffee is of molasses, chamomile, orange, tobacco, tar, almonds, mushroom,

The body of this coffee is lacking complexity and depth

This is a high and bitter acidity coffee


The flavor of this coffee is of tobacco, mushroom, ground beef, backing soda, pickled ginger, hickory, clove, toasted walnut and turmeric 

Back note of chili pepper and smoked paprika