Cherry Hill Estate - Medium Roast

origin: Hawaii, Kona

varietal: Typica
elevation: unk
farm: Cherry Hill Estate

process:  Wet


The beans  have a fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus

The grounds have the fragrance of yeast, cumin, chicory, thyme, and sour or bitter notes.

The aroma of this coffee is of sour notes like of potato,crushed oats, and tobacco

The body of this coffee is medium. This coffee is not smooth nor has a full body. It is lacking acidity.

The flavors of this coffee are of earth, peas, broccoli, citrus like of old lime, slight notes of mushrooms on the back note.

On another note about the quality of the beans, 

The bag was 2oz and half of the bag (108) of beans where damaged from CBB (coffee berry borer)