Cartel - Sumatra Aceh Tengah


origin: Sumatra , Aceh Province

varietal: Indonesian Heirloom (Typica)
elevation: 800 - 1200 Meters
 Sumatra Aceh Tengah

process:  Washed


The beans have the fragrance of chocolate, citrus like, juniper berry, clove, chili powder, long pepper, coriander, thyme, 

The grounds have a fragrance of citrus like of lime, coriander, jasmine, plumeria, bakers chocolate, and clove like

The aroma from the crack is of Chocolate, smoky, earth tones like of hay or grass.

This is a well rounder full body coffee with a high acidity.  

The flavors of this coffee are of tart lemon or white grapefruit, chocolate nibs, ashy tones, tamarind, clove, pepper, hops, yeast, and vanilla on the back note.