Coffee Reviews

Ark Coffee in New Zealand - Las Mercedes


origin: El Salvador , Santa Ana

varietal: Bourbon
elevation: 1475 Meters
 Las Mercedes

process:  Washed


First before this review i would like to talk about this coffee roaster, They started in 2012 in Auckland New Zealand and they are one of very few speciality coffee roastery and retail. 

The beans have the fragrance of stone fruit like that of plum or apricot, cream, cane sugar, slight earth hints like of carrot, or daikon, and very slight hint of spice like that of chervil or parley along with a hint of sage 

The grounds have the fragrance of citrus like of lemon or red grapefruit, paprika, jasmine, honey suckle, slight berry notes of strawberries or raspberries, vanilla under tones  and yeast. 


The aroma is of current, dark chocolate, plum, clove, tart apple like a pippin or arkansas black, oregano, hay, chamomile, dandelion, and slight hint of nutmeg

This is a high acidity coffee but is not over powering. 


This is smooth full body coffee with flavors through out your pallet. Its delicate and a clean cup.

The flavors of this coffee are of plum, dried apricot, nectarine, lavender, apple like that of a gala or granny smith, berry like that of marrion berry, pomegranate tartness, hibiscus, basil like and slight citrus like that of orange peal.

Back not of tobacco, and turmeric