Ailana Orchards - Medium Roast

origin: Hawai'i , Ka'u
varietal: Typica
elevation: 1700 Meters
Ailana Orchards

process:  Wet


The beans have the fragrance of dark chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, and vanilla. 

The Grounds have the fragrance of lavender, nutmeg, coriander, hops, ashy notes, cedar, citrus like of orange, and tomato. 

At the the crack this coffee has the aroma of dark chocolate, hickory, clove like, moss, mushrooms, salt, and has a slight peppery note. 

This is a low acidity full body coffee with unique flavors through out. 

The flavors of this coffee are of citrus like that of mandarin, nutmeg, chocolate nibs, tobacco, pistachio, thyme, and oregano. The back notes of this coffee are berry like of blackberry or mulberry, lavender, and cinnamon.