Coffee Reviews

Kauai Coffee Co. - Red Catuai

origin: Hawaii, Kauai

varietal: Red Catuai
elevation: unk
farm: Kauai Coffee Co. 

process:  Wet

The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, mint, tobacco, white pepper, malt vinegar, and slight floral hints 

The grounds have the fragrance of citrus like of tart lime, hops, hibiscus, mint, cream, chocolate, sunflower, coriander, thyme

The aroma of this coffee is of tobacco, roasted walnuts, yeast, bakers chocolate, mint 

This is a medium body with the over roasting being very prominent and a medium acidity

The flavors of this coffee are of ash, dark chocolate, mushrooms, mint, white grapefruit, and radish.

The mint is very prominent on the back note.