Coffee Reviews

Beacon - Colombia, Alma Del Cafe

origin: Colombia, Alma Del Cafe
varietal: unk
elevation: 1400 meters

process:  unk

This is a low acidity coffee with not much flavor or body along with a cup that is lacking depth and being smooth. 

The aroma of the beans are of chocolate, spinach, rice, mushrooms like that of button, and citrus.

The grounds have the aroma from the citrus come more prominent like that of white grapefruit, and the mushroom is more like of shiitake, tomato, malt, thyme, and ash.

At crack the aroma was of molasses, caramel, asparagus, and earth.  


The flavor of the this coffee are of chocolate, citrus like of over ripe orange, thyme, bell pepper, yeast, hay, and is smokey.