Coffee Reviews

Augie's - Amaro Gayo

origin: Ethiopia, Amaro
varietal: Heirloom
elevation: 1600 Meters
farm: Amaro Gayo

process:  Natural


The beans of this coffee have the aroma of sweet lemon, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, honey, and cream. 

The grounds have the aroma of citrus, concord grape, berry notes like of strawberry, black or blue berry. 

At the crack this aroma of this coffee is of blackberry, lemon or lemon grass/ hops, slight notes of bakers chocolate, apple, and hibiscus

This coffee is a medium to high acidity coffee that is full body. It is also smooth and complex flavors that are all the way through your pallet.



The flavors of this coffee are of berries like of mulberries or black berries sweet lemon, coriander, ceded, black current, chamomile, lavender, cabernet wine, and candy walnuts,  The back notes of this coffee are of pear, honey, and a slight hint of vanilla.