Archer Farms - Colombia La Pradera

origin: Colombia
varietal: Unk
elevation: Unk
farm: La Pardera

process:  Unk


First before the review a quit information on this coffee, 

This coffee was a special reserve from Target's Archer Farms. This coffee is a finalist to the Cup Of Excellence. They sold this in whole been and in 10oz increments.



The bean of this coffee have the aroma of hickory, chocolate, mellon, mango, chamomile, and a slight hint of citrus. 

The grounds have the aroma of citrus, butter, thyme, chili powder or paprika, light berry notes like of blackberry and honey. 

At the crack the aroma is of tamarind, molasses, berry, tobacco, and yeast.

This is a low acidic smooth but not full body coffee. 

The flavors of this coffee are of bakers chocolate, cedar, blackberry, oregano, apricot, asparagus, and slight hints of tamarind. 

The back note of this coffee is of Oolong tea.