Coffee Reviews

Cartel - Guatemala Atitlan

origin: Guatemala, Santiago
varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catucai
elevation: 1560 - 2000 Meters
Guatemala Atitlan

process:  washed


The beans have the aroma of grape, bakers chocolate, citrus like of orange, nutmeg, jasmine, rosemary, and slight berry notes.

The grounds have the aroma of citrus like of lemon, coriander, pine, chamomile, earth notes like of tomato or bell pepper. 

At the crack this coffee has the aroma of carmel, bakers chocolate, cream, mushroom like of shiitake or portabella, grass, turmeric, chia, oregano. 

This is a medium acidity with a smooth body. 

The flavors of this coffee are of concord grape, bell pepper, thyme, juniper berries, all spice, chocolate, and citrus like of white grapefruit.