Coffee Reviews

Water Avenue Coffee Co. - Finca Las Delicias

origin: El Salvador: Apaneca, Liamatepee
varietal: Pacamara
elevation: 1300 - 1900 Meters
Finca Las Delicias

process:  Natural


The beans have the aroma of full ripe fruit like mango, papaya, cantaloupe, honey, lychee and carmel. 

The grounds have the aroma of peach, apricot, cantaloupe, caramoya, and papaya.

At the crack the aroma was of molasses, chocolate, tamarind, thyme, and hibiscus. 

This is a low acidic smooth coffee lacking a full body and depth. 

The Flavors of this coffee are of carmel, ripe plum, and sweet apricot.  

The flavors of this coffee where not as prominent as the beens or grounds.