Verve - Panama Boquete

origin: Panama, Bouquete
varietal: Catucai
elevation: 1670 - 1870 Meters
farm: Elida Estate

process:  Natural


The aroma of the beans are of coconut, blackberry, mint, chocolate, and floral notes. 

The grounds have the aroma of orange, mango, berries, banana, cucumber, lemon, and hibiscus. 

At the crack this coffee has the aroma of chocolate, molasses, carmel, roses, walnuts or garbanzo. 

This is a high acidity mellow full body coffee. 

The flavors of this coffee are of lemon or white grapefruit, vanilla, paprika, clove, all spice, hops, green tea, snow peas, and tomato. 

The back notes of this coffee are of mango or papaya.