Coffee Reviews

Hula Daddy - Wai 2

origin: Hawai'i , kona
varietal: Typica
elevation: 1560 - 2000 Meters
Hula Daddy

process:  washed


The Beans have the aroma of chocolate, citrus, candy yams, parsley, apple, tobacco, yeast, slight cinnamon

The Grounds have the aroma of orange, coriander or hops, mango, tea, cardamom, peas, apple, and toast.

At the crack the coffee has the aroma of milk chocolate, Apricot, Berry like, earth notes like of celery, yeast, and oregano. 

This is a medium high acidic full body coffee. 

Notes of lavender, citrus like lemon or sweet lime, bakers chocolate, tobacco, coriander, fennel seed, toasted walnut, almond, chicory.

Cooling - citrus, apple, stone fruit like of peach or nectarine, cane, clove, bakers chocolate