Coffee Drinks created by Baristas

Klatch - The "Pepper" Mint Latte

This seasonal drink craeated by Klatch is a latte using Klatch Espresso, Fresh Mint, and Black Pepper with a chocolate topping. 



The aroma of this coffee is of burnt sugar, bakers chocolate, marshmallow, and spearmint

The flavors of this drink are prominaly of mint with the pepper much like Sacashghuan coming through slightly of earth notes and bing a Little spicy along with slight hint of tobacco. The milk foam is of light marshmallow and vanilla with slight bits of pepper combing through.

Mixing this latte the pepper comes through more with the mint more of a back note.

The chocolate on top was as I see for decorative use with no flavor in this drink 

I would recommend this drink if you like your coffee with a slight bite or not sweet

Klatch - The Toblerone

This sessional coffee from Klach is inspired by the classic chocolate bar and features chocolate, honey, and uses almond milk for the base. 



The aroma of this coffee is of toasted halzelnut and burnt sugar with a slight hint of yeast. 

The flavors of this coffee are of almond and of chocolate. The honey is a nice sweet touch but does not bring anything to this drink.  

This drink is lacking in body and is more like a dirty chocolate water. The coffee is lost and is a real disappointment  

This drink has a lot of potential but needs to be worked on to improve the body and characteristics of it first  

Coffee Nutzz - Meximocha

This drink created by Coffee Nutzz is a mocha with the addition of in house made horchata


This Drink is thick and the chocolate is forward with a sweet hint of the horchata.  

The coffee is on the bitter side and tastes of an over roasted Brazil but they say all their coffee is from Peru.

The horchata is very pleasant and not to sweet along with it bringing out the characteristics of the rice. 

This is a very pleasant and suprising find that is worth a try. 

Klatch - Peppermint Mocha

This sessional drink by Klach uses 



The aroma of this coffee is of light mint and caramel

The flavor of this coffee are of  Peppermint and eucalyptus. The milk foam is overpowering and distracts from the coffee. There is a nice hint of lavender that comes through once you get to the coffee. 

Mixing the drink, the peppermint is very prominent along with vanilla bean and raisin.  

The chocolate is not very notaseable and once you get some it's not sweet but bitter and chalky.  

Klatch - Candy Cane Escomocha

This seasional drink by Klatch is made with candy canes and is a blended mocha. 

The aroma of this drink is of peppermint and light brown sugar. 


The flavors of this drink are prominent of the candy cane and of chocolate. The coffee is not prominent in this drink and is to me good for people that don't like the taste of coffee.

Most of the flavor in this drink is at the bottom and is very consintrated and overly sweet. 

As the ice melts this drink becomes the taste of peppermint and airplane coffee. 

This is a very refreshing drink for the Sothern California Winters and would be a great hot drink to.  

Klatch - Gingersnap Latte

This sessional coffee created by Klatch is made with allspice and raw sugar in it.


 The aroma of this drink is of tasted gram cracker and burnt sugar. The ginger is not over powering and is in fact allspice. 

 The first sip of this drink you get some of the top that has a slight crunch like your eating a cracker but it's from raw sugar. There is a spice note to this like of muted cardamom and a faint hint of nutmeg. There is a maple syrup taste and feel in the body. 

 The espresso in this drink is lost with the milk and would help it bring more depth to this drink.  

The end of this drink is filled with the spices and is very strong and overpowering to the point it can hurt your taste buds.  

This is a good drink and I hope this drink stays for people to try. 

Portola - pastel Rojo

This drink created by Portola Coffee Lab is created by Thomas Ifergan and Bryant Trinh.


This is their rendition of a bloody red velvet ice latte, this drink has the flavores of the cake. This drink has no flavors of the coffee coming through. 

Its is a disappointment that this is not more of a Red Velvet flavor.  

The presentation of this really fun with the red food coloring and the bone stur


This is a great fun drink and concept but I think this is poorly executed


Portola - Orange Mocha

This drink created by Rick Wheeler Portola. 

The aroma of this coffee is of navel orange. 

The orange is center at this with the chocolate coming through at back.   

They brew this drink with the espresso going on orange peel and also using orange bitters

This is a great and refreshing hot and cold.  

Out of the new drinks at Portola's Therom this is the best.  

Klatch - Sweet Shot

This seasional drink by Klatch is made with a double shot of espresso and shaken with sweatend condensed milk and served over ice. 


The aroma is of sour cream and honeycomb. Its a little disappointing and not sweet at all

The flavors of this drink are of the espresso that is prominant with flavors of red current, meyer lemon, and bitersweet chocolate. The condensed milk brings out flavores of Mexican vanilla and cane sugar. 

This is a very refreshing cool drink on a hot fall day and is very well rounded and developed  

Cafe Royale - Mocha De Mexico

This coffee drink is Made by Cafe Royle in Redlands California is made with two shots of espresso ( pulled at 24 seconds) from Coffee Brothers Wood Roasted coffee of Colton California and Mexican chcolate. 


This is drink is tart from the coffee and the steamed milk. The chcolate comes through at first but then drops to the bottom and is not existant.  

After the chcolate drops this drink seperates and the milk and water go to the top makeing this more of a dirty watery mess then a mocha. 

This coffee has so much potentual but with the subpar coffee and exucution of this drink, I would not sudgest this drink.   

Klatch - Horchatte

This seasonal drink by Klatch features their award winning espresso with home made horchata.

The aroma of this drink is like steamed white rice and citrus

The flavors of this drink is more of cream and the espresso.

The espresso it self is full of berry notes along with citrus like of lemon peel. The home made horchata is not like a true horchata and is more of a heavy cream with a little cinnamon and nutmeg added in. 

This is a disappointment and i had high hopes but this drink falls short of going out of your way to try it. 

Klatch - Indian Summer


This sessional drink made from Klatch has an aroma of fresh lemon that is very prevalent. 

The coffee is made with a brown sugar and ginger syrup made in house and gives it a great kick of spice. 

The ginger is not overpowering and rounds this latte with their espresso giving a great chocolate flavor with subtle earth tones throughout.  

This is one of the best sessional drinks I have had by Klatch and is worth it to seek this out and try.   

Klatch - The "Arnold Palmer"

This is a new seasonal drink created by Klatch Coffee that features their espresso, brown sugar, and tamarind.

The flavors of this drink are over powering with the tamarind. It is on the sour side and the coffee is lost in this drink. 

To me this coffee is lacking something to cut the intensity of the tamarind and the coffee is lost do to it. This is a great drink to have on a hot day though.

I would seek this out to try the combination of flavors. I hope they work on this a little to make this drink more rounded and smooth.

Loaded Joe's - Snickers

This coffee creation is created by Loaded Joe's in Vail Colorado.

This coffee drink is made with Dark Chocolate, Carmel, and Hazelnut. 

The dark chocolate comes through most prominently. The hazelnut and carmel does not come through at first and the coffee it self is over roasted. 

If you mix the coffee the carmel and hazelnut comes through and brings the Sinkers together as a whole.

Ink! - Powder Day

This coffee created by Ink! Located in Aspen Colorado is a simple drink made with Caramel, White Chocolate, Stemmed Milk and their House Quake coffee. 


The white Chocolate and carmel are very prominent with the coffee. The coffee it self comes through and you get a nice spice note to it along with a sleigh nuttiness like of hazelnut. There is a slight citrus note to this coffee creation like of orange blossom.

This is a great coffee if you do like sweet coffee drinks but can be to sweet to most so be careful. If you do like sweet coffee then this is a great drink to try.

Yetis Grind - Salted Cocomel

This creation is by Yetis Grind in Vail Colorado. 

This coffee creation is very strong in coconut flavor and the carmel is more of a side note and does nothing to this nor does it come through in favor. This coffee is lacking in the salt and to me was just an after thought and had no porpoise in adding to taste or texture.

The coffee itself was tasteless and could have been any store bought coffee that is over roasted. 


This was a big disappointment and could use more. 

I would not recommend getting this coffee



Queen Bean Caffe - French Toast Latté

The French Toast Latté is made by Queen Bean Caffe in Yucaipa California.

They use Klatch Belle espresso and real vermont maple syrup, ground cinnamon, and vanilla. The flavors of this coffee are lost once you get to the coffee itself. The top where the froth and cinnamon is true to its name and gives you the fell of french toast. 

The aroma of this drink is not even of french toast and is more like cream and cinnamon. Its a really weak aroma. 

This coffee is not all impressive and could be made at a higher temperature also. 

This is a disappointment that all of the flavoring they use a syrups that anyone can buy and they don't make it them self. 

This coffee has great potential to be great but as of now I would not go out of my way to try this.

Klatch - The Twig and The Tree

This is one of the best speciality coffee drinks i have ever had!

The flavors of this double latte coffee are very reminiscent to the season and in doing so Klatch has it only for a small time on their Seasonal Menu. 

They make this coffee in a very unique way, they stem the milk with the rosemary and it give it a great earth tone and also they use maple syrup to bring out the sweetness of the bell espresso along with the added use of orange zest 

This coffee is a Heather Perry creation and made for their stores so if you are looking for a unique speciality coffee drink or a U.S. Barista champion creation seek this coffee out. 


Klatch - The White Witch

This coffee is a great balance of coffee, milk, and spice.


They say its inspired by The Lion Witch and The Wardrobe and with the spices in this cappuccino drink you can see that they where trying and did a good job.

The spices in this drink are lost at first but soon mold well with the espresso. The spices of nutmeg, clove, allspice are not to strong until the end of the cup where they seam to settle to the bottom. This drink is not sweet at all and with the spice it has a slight kick to it and works great. 

This is a great addition to Klatch's Seasonal Menu and lovers of speciality coffee drinks should try this.

Klatch - Cooling Coconut Lime

The new Seasonal coffee Cooling Coconut Lime Created by Heather Perry of Klatch Coffee Roasters is a layered espresso drink of simple syrup, coconut milk, then their Belle Espresso and topped with lime juice and a lime wedge.

This drink at first sip is overpowering of the espresso but if you mix it all together, the flavors combine into a wonderful trip on your pallet. Their Bell Espresso with the coconut milk works so well with the espresso's caramel and Chocolate flavors that its hard not to drink this on a hot day or want to drink this on the beach and watch the sunset.

This is a must try for people who love to try new variations of coffee drinks and people who love the craft of coffee.