Klatch - Gingersnap Latte

This sessional coffee created by Klatch is made with allspice and raw sugar in it.


 The aroma of this drink is of tasted gram cracker and burnt sugar. The ginger is not over powering and is in fact allspice. 

 The first sip of this drink you get some of the top that has a slight crunch like your eating a cracker but it's from raw sugar. There is a spice note to this like of muted cardamom and a faint hint of nutmeg. There is a maple syrup taste and feel in the body. 

 The espresso in this drink is lost with the milk and would help it bring more depth to this drink.  

The end of this drink is filled with the spices and is very strong and overpowering to the point it can hurt your taste buds.  

This is a good drink and I hope this drink stays for people to try.