Coffee Drinks created by Baristas

Klatch - The "Pepper" Mint Latte

This seasonal drink craeated by Klatch is a latte using Klatch Espresso, Fresh Mint, and Black Pepper with a chocolate topping. 



The aroma of this coffee is of burnt sugar, bakers chocolate, marshmallow, and spearmint

The flavors of this drink are prominaly of mint with the pepper much like Sacashghuan coming through slightly of earth notes and bing a Little spicy along with slight hint of tobacco. The milk foam is of light marshmallow and vanilla with slight bits of pepper combing through.

Mixing this latte the pepper comes through more with the mint more of a back note.

The chocolate on top was as I see for decorative use with no flavor in this drink 

I would recommend this drink if you like your coffee with a slight bite or not sweet