Klatch - The Naked Verbina

This seasional drink by Klatch uses Lemon Verbina leafs, Lemon zest, with there 2003 USBC espresso.  

This is more of a unusal drink for a coffee shop in that to make this drink you need a cocktail shaker to combine all the ingrediants then layer them on top of the symple syrup. 

The aroma of this drink is high on the lemon along with burnt sugar, coca nibs, and ginger ale

The flavors of this drink is of lemon zest, almon flour, burnt sugar, cracked ginger, marshmellow, vinilla, caramel, thyme, and blood orange

This drink must be stured to combine the symple syrup and coffee and in doing so it does bring out delicate acidity and a velvity body of this drink.