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Klatch - Real Pumpkin Late

This seasional drink from Klatch uses real pumpkin puree, their ecspresso and sweet milk


The aroma of this coffee is of cinnimon, and carmelized sugar with a slight hint of citrus like of bergamont


The flavors of this coffee are promintaly pumkin with a subtle vanilla note through out. The pumkin itself is sweet with a all spice and nutmeg taste coing through. The espresso is slightly lost in this cup but does bring this drink together with its citrus and earth notes of it. 

The body of this drink is smooth with a chcolate ganache mouth feel and a velvity texture

Mixing this drink it becomes overly creamy with the milk being the only flavor and taste

This Pumpkin late is very well made and not overly sweet along with being with a good complexity and great body