Cascara Tea Reviews

Klatch Coffee Roasters - Bolivia Sultana Cascara Honey

Coffee Origin:
Bolivia, Los Yungas; La Paz 

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
1500 - 1725 M

Coffee Farm/ Producer

Harvest Season


Dry Aroma

The aroma is of tamarind, sumac, cigarette  tobacco, leather, and oak



The aroma is of Asian pear, honey comb, lilac, sandalwood, bottle brush, loquat, and  dried green apple

This is a full body with a creamy and juicy mouth feel that is smooth and velvety

This is a high acidity with a tart forward and a delicate floral finish

The favors are of tart Asian pear, lilac, orange blossom, sandalwood, thyme, pink lemon,  bottle brush, yellow nectarine, yellow tea, dried strawberry, and plantain 



The aroma is of plum, dried cherry, goji, blackberry, raw cane sugar, and saffron

The body is medium with a smooth and creamy texture true that is delicate and silky at the back

This is a medium acidity with a mellow tart note that develops to a sweet burnt sugar acidity

Is of red banana, Rainer cherry, malt, licorice root, cream, brandy, jasmine rice, black cardamom, longon, blood Orange, crimson raisin, and dragon fruit