Cascara Tea Reviews

Klatch Coffee - Nicaragua Cascara

Coffee Origin:

Nicaragua,  Nueva Segavia  

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal


Coffee Elevation

1350 - 1600 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Finca Mierisch

Harvest Season


Dry Aroma :

The aroma is of dried yellow peach, corn husk, golden raisin, rose hip, puffed brown rice, dried apricot, bergamot, Frankincense, and yeast


The aroma is of dried golden cherry, hibiscus, Hitachi persimmon, golden raisin, apricot flower, D’janu pear, star fruit, and Mandarine

The body is more silky and tea - like with a back that is like a syrupy coating

The acidity is very low and is very juicy with a floral and citric acidy note. It does linger and is very well rounded

The flavor is more of a tropical notes from strawberry papaya, star fruit, black mango, apple banana, and orange blossom along with hints of Hitachi persimmon, vanillin, nugget and bergamot


The aroma is of dried fuyu persimmon, wheat germ, golden raisin, brown rice, dried apricot, Frankincense, bing cherry, bosk pear, blue corn, star fruit, and cocktail grapefruit

The body of this cascara is very smooth with a velvety texture rather then being tea like it more on the pitch side and fuller

The acidity of this cascara is I would say a medium high with it being a combination of malic and citric acid that lingers. It is bright and complex with a juicy body

The flavor is sweet like of vanillin, with white peach, golden raisin, rose hip, Fuyu Persimmon, white cranberry, puffed basmati rice, bergamot, Frankincense, hibiscus, apple (maybe gala or mitzu) and bing cherry

This is one of the best cascaras I have ever had and recommend this to everyone