Cascara Tea Reviews

Bodhai Leaf - Panama Cascara

Coffee Origin:
Panama, Bouqete

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
1,850 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Harvest Season


Dry Aroma

The aroma is of dried apricot, crimson raisin, yellow peach, toast, brown sugar, and red apple



The aroma is of peach blossom, golden raisin, bosk pear, and rooibos

This is a week body that is silky and juicy with a watery tea like consistency

The acidity is very low consisting of a delicate and juicy structure with a mild crisp note that is quick

The flavors are of red apple, rooibos, crimson raisin, powdered sugar, apple juice, Asian pear, fuyu persimmon, and Eureka lemon peel



The aroma is of rooibos, vanilla, wheat germ, peach blossom, dried beet, and golden raisin

This has a full body that is smooth with a chewy coating that lingers and is sweet with a subtle dry finish

This has a mild acidity that is very bright with a delicate juicy complexity that lingers

The flavors are of yellow peach, Braeburn apple, yellow cherry, grilled white grapefruit, white grape, tangelo, oak, cedar, vanilla, and magnolia