Cascara Tea Reviews

Big Island Coffee Roasters - Puna District

Coffee Origin: 
Hawai’i, Puna

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
yellow caturra

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Big Island Coffee Roasters 

Harvest Season


Dry Aroma

The aroma is of dried madeline, french vanilla, crimson raisin, marionberry, Manila tamarind, rooibos, sandalwood



The aroma is of rooibos, dried tangerine, muted clove, Manila tamarind, Rainer cherry, pluot, Mangosteen, dragon fruit, and D'anjou pear

This is a velvety and smooth body with a subtle rooibos tea like constancy that is forward and creamy

This is a high acidity that is bright and very juicy of the dark stone fruit and strong floral notes

The flavors are of Titian vanilla, Manila tamarind, plumeria, rooibos, crimson raisin, pluot, dragon fruit, Mangosteen, dried tangerine, rose water, red banana, licorice root and noni



The aroma is of rooibos, yellow cherry, dragon fruit, pluot, noni, mandarin, plumeria, and blood orange

This has a medium acidity that is very juicy and smooth with a rooibos syrup mouth feel

The acidity is low with a vibrant juicy and structured sweetness that is delicate and clean


The flavors are of mandarin, vanilla, dragon fruit, yellow cherry, saddlewood, rooibos, hibiscus, noni, caramel, passion fruit, and a subtle note of strawberry papaya and cream