Coffee Reviews

Wildgoose Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Banko Gutiti

Coffee Origin

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal


Coffee Elevation

1,900 - 2,100 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers


Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Wildgoose Coffee Roasters - jun/26/2019

Coffee Processing


The beans have a fragrance of tobacco, dried goji, blueberry, lemon verbena, rose hips, green bell pepper, yeast, malt, black cardamom, and dried red apple

The grounds have the fragrance of boysenberry, cane sugar, goji, sandalwood, vanillin, blackberry, soursop, free dried strawberry, rose hips, malt, chicory, and bakers chocolate


The aroma is of caramel, brown sugar, blackberry, malt, cocoa powder, rose hips, winter savory, and pickled watermelon rind

This is a full body coffee that is velvety with a thick coating that lingers

This has a high acidity that is on the acidic side and is bright ending with a lingering dry Finnish

The flavor is of yellow watermelon, goji, dried blackberry, black apple, freeze dried strawberry, pickling cucumber, pomelo, rose hips, black tea, cara cara orange, gooseberry, sandalwood and tamarind

As it cools notes of blood orange, caramel and Mexican papaya develop along with a strong vanillin note but the berry notes disappear


The aroma is very earthy with chocolate undertones alone with hints of kava root, soil, and sandalwood and a very delicate hint of black currant

The body is a medium strength with a smooth feel but a tea like consistency but finishes with a chewy coating

The acidity is still high but is more a malkic acidity and has a trtness like a Arkansas Black apple

The flavors of this cup are of dark cocoa powder, chicory, soil, back cardamom, taro, black currant, pomelo and vanillin