Surf Cafea - Yemen Natural Auction Lot

Coffee Origin :


Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal


Coffee Elevation

2150 - 2400 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers


Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Surf Cafea - 8/12/2019

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of jasmine, cocoa nib, blackberry, vanilla, fresh tobacco, dandelion, strawberry, sumac, sandalwood, marshmallow, mirth, pink lemon, and winter savory

The grounds have the fragrance of marshmallow, lilac, cherry blossom, strawberry, fresh tobacco, bergamot, cocoa powder, blue corn, red miso, leather, dried mango, saffron, papaya, and roasted walnut


The aroma is of cocoa nib, blackberry, bing cherry, sumac, sandalwood, savory, fresh tobacco, bergamot, roasted walnut, and orange blossom

This is a full body coffee that is thick with a chewy coating but dissipates to a velvety and creamy texture ending with a umami note

This is a medium high acidity that has a sharp malic note from the black apple and has some tannin that is astringent and lingering but is well balanced

The flavor of this coffee is of dried blackberry, strawberry, bing cherry, cocoa powder, lilac, vanillin, fresh tobacco, bergamot, roasted walnut, orange blossom, mirth, pink lemon, dandelion, damp soil, coffee cherry, coffee, star fruit, baking soda and black apple

As it cools notes of cola, tamarind, malt, chocolate sauce, and cream deep subduing the acidity but elevating the body and depth. The berry notes are very subtle now but still present


The aroma is of berries like raspberry, goji, and strawberry with hints of milk chocolate, cream, malt and musk

The acidity is non existent

The body is very smooth with a velvety fell and a creamy texture

The flavors are of cream, malt, vanillin, strawberry, cherry blossom, tapioca, chervil, dinosaur egg plum, and chocolate ganache


The aroma is of walnut and cocoa nib with subtle hints of soil

The acidity is much like the iced at non existent

The Body is smooth and creamy with a velvety finish

The flavor of deep cocoa, walnut, white cranberry, sandalwood, and yeast