Wai Puna - Medium Roast

Coffee Origin:

Hawai’i, Puna

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

65% typica

33% caturra colombiana

2% yellow catuai

Coffee Elevation

1000 ft

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Wai Puna - 8/12/2019

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Wai Puna

Coffee Processing

 Wet-processed. Sun-dried

This coffee was stated to have = or - 3% CBB but hand-sorting the bag there was more than 3% along with underdeveloped beans, beans with the cherry still on along with over-roasted and floaters mixed in

The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate preserved lemon, fresh oregano, musk, tobacco, hazelnut, lime pith, soil, milo wood, ashy, puffed brown rice, rubber, and black apple

The grounds have the fragrance of white grapefruit, sandalwood, musk, tobacco, ash, hazelnut, lime pith, soil, fishy note, and sour cherry.


The aroma is of soil, ashy, dutch process cocoa, hazelnut, sandalwood, clove stem, Meyer lemon, dried bell pepper, marjoram, and rubber

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth but has a chewy tea-like consistency

This is a coffee that is high I malic acid and lingers leaving your mouth dry and needing water

The flavor is of ash, with subtle notes of cocoa, tossed oat, onyx cocoa, iodine, rubber, and baking soda

As it cools vegetable notes develop like of bell pepper and thyme but is still ashy


The aroma is of mellowed out but still have the wood, soil, and ashy note

The body is thinner and more watery

The acidity is still about the same if not a little higher

The flavor is of spice like clove, ground and stale ginger, ash, smoked paprika, and dutch process cocoa powder