Maranda Farms - Yellow Caturra

Coffee Origin :

Hawai’i, Ka’u

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Yellow Caturra

Coffee Elevation


Coffee Farm/ Producers

Maranda Farms

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Maranda Farms


Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of honey comb, apple banana, cinnamon, Hawaiian sandalwood, blood orange, macadamia nut shell, bakers chocolate, plumeria, green apple, papaya blossom, leather, dried bell pepper, cumin, white pepper, jasmine, and cream

The grounds have the fragrance of caramel, navel orange, plumeria, Hawaiian sandalwood, macadamia nut shell, dark chocolate, plumeria, kiwi, green papaya, silver nettle green tea, jasmine, sesame seed, cream, leather, raw almond, white nectarine and ponzu sauce


The aroma is of toasted almond, crimson raisin, leather, blood orange, Hawaiian sandalwood, milk chocolate, plumeria, jasmine, cream, honey comb, macho banana, cinnamon, dragons blood, frankincense and liquid smoke

This is a medium to heavy body coffee that is thick with a sticky coating that is like dark corn syrup but a little rough at the finish

This is a high acidity coffee that is tart forward with a dry and lingering tart finish

The flavor is of chicory, dutch process chocolate powder, plumeria, honey comb, banana, toasted cinnamon, frankincense, caramel, cola, ponzu, blood orange, cream of tarter, leather, sun dried tomato, white pepper, tobacco, black cherry, and prune

As it cools notes of black grape, vanillin, white cranberry, and goji develop along with a beautiful sweetness


The aroma is of black tea, oak, squid ink, chicory, camomile, and ashy water

The body is very tea like with a watery consistency lacking depth

The acidity is also lacking any vibrantcy or depth and is unbalanced

The Flavors in the cup are of leather, cocoa powder, dehydrated green apple, cream of tarter, goat cheese, dragons blood and oak.

It lacks the qualities of the cupping so therefore I cannot recommend this coffee on this method

CBB bean count is 26 beans in the bag

CBB bean count is 26 beans in the bag