Onyx Coffee Lab - Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Coffee Origin:
Ethiopia,  Guji

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
2,000 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Washing Station: Uraga

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Onyx Coffee Lab -  7/2/2016

Coffee Processing
Washed & Raised Bed Drying


The beans have the fragrance of toasted almond, brown rice, black raspberry, bakers chocolate, bergamot, rose hips, Hawaiian sandalwood, jasmine, Anjou pear, thyme, and rue

The grounds have the fragrance of rose hips, burlap, toasted almond, rue, bergamot stem, cedar, frankincense, smoked paprika, dried black raspberry, fermented blackberry and metallic




The aroma of this coffee is of licorice root, rose hips, bakers chocolate, rue, toasted almond, dried black raspberry, ginger ale, brown rice, bergamot stem, frankincense and molasses 

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth with a chewy and slick mouthfeel

This is a low acidity coffee that is juicy and well rounded with a clean finish

The flavors of this coffee are of tart red cherry, frankincense, dragon's blood, dark chocolate, old oolong tea leaf, malt, bergamot stem, cracked ginger, squash blossom, nettle, Hawaiian sandalwood, rue, Anjou pear, and burlap

As it cools notes of asparagus juice, tobacco and cara cara orange develop




The aroma of the cup is of rue, malt, bakers chocolate, rose hips, toasted almond, oak, bergamot stem, black tea, black raspberry, Anjou pear and burlap

The body is much fuller with a heavy syrupy mouthfeel and a velvety coating

The acidity is much higher with a juicy complexity and astringent spice back

The flavors are of black cherry, sandalwood, Anjou pear, bergamot , frankincense, black walnut, dragons blood, bakers chocolate, cracked ginger, marjoram, licorice root, tobacco and quinoa

To me this coffee has gotteen better by this but still not anything to seek out and have