Coffee Reviews

Wildgoose Coffee Roasters - Tanzania Tarime

Coffee Origin:
Tanzania,  Mara

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation
2, 000 M 

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Small Holders

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Wild Goose Coffee Roasters - 4/13/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, Crenshaw Mellon, hazelnut, marjoram, leather, bottle brush, dried noni, paprika, longon, golden raisin, oak, plum, gram cracker, and butterscotch

The grounds have the fragrance of red berry like of pomegranate, red currant, golden plum, lilac, longon, gram cracker, hazelnut, jasmine, toasted cocoa nib, bottle brush, oak, saffron, honeycomb, died cantaloupe and black cardamom 



The aroma of this coffee is of light marionberry, Brown sugar, cocoa nibs, oak, lilac, longon, gram cracker, hazelnut, honey, noni, goji, leather, soil, cantaloupe, and black cardamom

This is a heavy body coffee that is thick and sticky with a juicy and an oolong tea mouth feel

This is a medium acidity coffee that is bright at first then quickly tapers to a dry and dense acidity that's really mellow and floral

The flavors of this coffee are of Crenshaw Mellon, black cardamom, dried kiwi, butterscotch, plum, pomegranate, molasses, dark cocoa powder, bottle brush, damp soil, noni, blackberry, black apple, blood orange, black tea, cream, and bing cherry

As it cools notes of berry like of blue and raspberry develop with a rich creamy note along with notes of almond butter, mango, paprika, and caracara orange



The aroma of the cup is of cocoa powder, milk powder, lilac, tobacco, marionberry, oak, plum, gram cracker, sun Mellon, and soil

The body is weaker with a dirty water consistency along with it still smooth and juicy with a thick syrupy mouthfeel 

The acidity is is just as it is being cupped

The flavors of the cup are of honeydew, bakers chocolate, black tea, bottle brush, oak, blood orange, chamomile, pink lemon, caramel, and slight hint of lavender 

I really do not recomend this coffee on here, to me it only brings this coffee down and does nothing to help bring out the flavors or body


The aroma of the cup is of dill, soil, leather, dutch process cocoa powder, black tea, marjoram, 

The body of this cup is very week and is also of dirty water and is tea like with a lacey feel

The acidity is high with a sharp forward note that lingers bringing this coffee to a sour taste 

The flavors of this cup are of black tea, bergamot, damp soil, leather, mild bitter cocoa notes underneath a light brown sugar note with burnt sugar, freeze-dried blackberry, and wood ear mushroom

I do not reomend this cofee on the Gino ether and very disaponted that it does not hold up to this and makes me wonder if it would on a Chemex.