Coffee Reviews

Augie's Coffee Roasters - Colombia Fernado Romero

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Tolú

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
1,800 M 

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie's Coffee Roasters - 2/10/2016

Coffee Processing
Lactic Acid



The fragrance of the beans are of apricot, black current, marionberry, freeze dried strawberry, caramel, aged balsamic vinegar, magnolia, leather, sandalwood, snow pea, marshmallow, blood orange, and black apple

The grounds have the fragrance of black current, cara cara orange, white cranberry, powdered milk, cream, marionberry, black apple, sandalwood, Green Anjou pear. chia, damp soil, bottle brush, and lilac



The aroma of this coffee is of bosc pear, cara cara orange, sandalwood, cream, marionberry, gooseberry, dried apricot, magnolia, lilac, and black current, 

This  is a medium - full body coffee that is smooth and creamy with a slightly velvety texture on the top but a rough note at the back

This is a mild acidity coffee that is tart at first with a subdued astringent and lingering complexity that dries at the end

The flavors of this coffee are of sandalwood, bosc pear, rose hips, black currant, apricot, passionfruit seed(no meat), caramel, bakers chocolate, black apple, cara cara orange, pulasan, peanut skin, and black tea

As it cools delicate citrus note develop like of buddhas hand and long pepper develops with more of a sharp pointed and spice note on the tongue that stays and is effervescent and has a note of ginger  


The aroma of this cup is of blood orange, Hawaiian sandalwood, black currant, cocoa nib, Anjou pear. damp soil, bottle brush, and caramel

The body is full and heavy with a smooth and muted with a sharp and dense astringent feel 

The acidity is higher than being cupped and is tart with a sour forward note and a dutch process cocoa powder finish 

The flavors of the cup are of blood orange, toasted cocoa nibs, dried black currant, dried goji, black apple, black walnut, pulasan, magnolia, burnt caramel, oak, and malt

I highly recommend this method if you like high acidity coffee and bright and vibrant flavors, I really enjoyed it this way best  


The aroma of the cup is of sandalwood, marionberry, bakers chocolate, soil, apricot jam, and sapote

The body is smooth and silky with a delicate feel 

The acidity is very low with a delicate and clean floral feel

The flavors of the cup are of toasted cocoa nibs, dried black currant, black walnut, pulasan, magnolia, burnt caramel, oak,  malt, bottle brush, soil, green apple, clove, and grilled blood orange

I recommend this if you do not like high acidity coffee and want a smooth and delicate cup that is rich and cholatety